Lord Help Me I’m Starting a Blog!

Hello Readers,

Many people in my family have suggested I start a blog.  I never really paid much attention to their comments until recently.  Recently I thought, “What the hell,” people seem to enjoy some of my pain and misery as I stumble through this portion of my life.  For those of you that know me… well you know.  For those that do not know me I can simple say this; I served and retired after 20 years in the military.  My wife finished her schooling and set off to be the primary caregiver.  I took on the responsibilities of taking care of the 3 month old, 20 month old, and 3 year old girls.  I might have heard a maniacal laugh from my wife as she headed out the door for her first day of work.

Well, after nearly two years of surviving post retirement and juggling the duties as the Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD for short), I might have some time to write down my thoughts.  I would have loved to blog before this, but raising small children that close together is sort of like “taking grenades in the trenches.”  No time to blog, I have needy children that are constantly hungry, pooping, peeing, and just overall screaming for Daddy.

My sanity is only retained by the support of my wife, my time racing bicycles, my love of cyclocross (hence the cowbell reference), and my time teaching spin class at the gym.  I have more things to write about than I have time in the day.  So, here’s to my first blog!  May the English and Grammar Gods forgive me!

Who the hell knows what I may blog about.  By the way, CYCLOCROSS is coming!

First experiment: How do these hashtag things work!  #SAHD #Firstblog #cyclocrossiscoming

The Banana Attacks Kutztown CX 2014!
The Banana Attacks Kutztown CX 2014!

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