Christmas 2015 Spin Class Playlist

Hello Everyone,

Boy has it been hectic the last 4 weeks.  Christmas is almost here and I just finished up the last bit of shopping.  The tree went up and died so we had to put up the fake tree.  All the lights are in front of the house and one half went dead.  I’m just not that concerned to fix those before Christmas.

Making a good Christmas Play list for a spin class was difficult to say the least.  The most common remark I hear, or I have said to myself about these types of holiday classes, are that they don’t have enough pizzazz.  The other comment I hear is that they just get kind of boring after the 20 minute mark.  I think this class solves those comments.  I had to search wide and far to find the right mix of material.  There are classical songs that you can spin to, there are faster songs we can do intervals on, and there are non standard songs for anyone just tired of the same ole Christmas music.  Here is what I have built and I think it works really well.  

Cycle Christmas 2015
Here is my general format for a challenging yet diverse Christmas playlist you can use for your spin class.

The format is fairly simple.  Three stages with four songs on each stage.  Each stage ends with a tabata interval of 20 seconds on and only 10 seconds to rest.  I use the first tabata interval so the students can find their 8 out of 10 resistance.  We can find our 8 out of 10 resistance during this first tabata interval by asking the students a few questions.  If you were completely emptied out on the 4th tabata and couldn’t do anymore intervals, then adjust your 8 out of 10 about 1/4 turn down in resistance.  If you were not breathing heavy and it felt pretty moderate, then turn up your resistance 1/4 turn.  If you were breathing heavy and were thinking you had to dig deep if there was going to be a 5th and 6th interval, then your resistance is just right.

So, here we go!

Stage 1: 4 songs

Christmas/Sarajevo, Trans-Siberian Orchestra(3:25): Warmup

Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano(3:02): Resistance 6/10. Stand when you hear Feliz Navidad, then sit when you hear Feliz Navidad.  The timing will work out perfectly.

All I want for Christmas is You(Workout Mix), Power Music Workout(4:00): 30 second stands with 30 seconds sitting.  Resistance 6/10 sitting, 8/10 standing.

Run Run Rudolph, Kelly Clarkson(2:28):  4 sets of Tabata intervals at 20 seconds fast sprint, 10 seconds slow pedal.  Start the intervals at 10 seconds into the song. Resistance is 8/10 for the entire song.  We slow pedal on our higher resistance during the 10 seconds off to allow only a slight recovery.

Stage 2:  4 songs

Mistress for Christmas, AC/DC(4:00):  A fun song where we will recover for half of the song then finish the other half at 6/10 resistance. 6/10 resistance is our base for the rest of this stage.  We will not go below this.

Wizards in Winter, Trans-Siberian Orchestra(3:06):  The students will pedal about 10rpm faster than their normal cadence for 3 minutes.  This increases heart rate and respiration without severe fatigue of the muscles.

Underneath the Tree, Kelly Clarkson(3:50): Three different standing intervals.  In the seated position we are at 6/10 resistance, and standing we are at 8/10 resistance.

Run, Run Rudolph, Lynyrd Skynyrd(3:33): 6 tabata intervals total at our 8/10 resistance.  The workout starts at 20 seconds into the song.  Remember, we slow pedal on that 8/10 resistance to slightly recover and make us use some muscular force to get the pedals up to speed again.

Stage 3: 4 songs

Mistletoe, Lucy Hale(3:37): Half the song is full recovery, the second half of the song we go back to our 6/10 resistance base.  We will not go below this for the rest of the workout.

Last Christmas(Xmas Workout Remix), DJ Hush(5:34):  Three standing intervals that get progressively longer each time.  Sitting we are 6/10 resistance, and standing we are 8/10.  The standing intervals are 45 seconds, 60 seconds, then 120 seconds.

I Won’t Be Home for Christmas, Blink-182(3:18): Another drill were we spin our legs about 10rpm quicker than our normal cadence for two minutes.  Ensure you give the student enough time just to barely recover because we have tabatas one more time in the next song.

Making Christmas, Rise Against(3:26):  6 Tabata intervals on that 8/10 resistance.  We leave the resistance on and pedal slower during the 10 second rest, then we increase our leg speed during the 20 seconds on.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.  Understand that your students are in here to not only have a good time but to destress during this holiday season.  Make sure you show them that its fun to exercise during the holidays and it is a healthy way to cope with stress in our lives.  I also offer up Christmas cookies in my class because you have to live it up once in a while!

As the holidays finish up here I will start posting again.  I have so much I can write about but little time to do it.  This year I’m determined to ride my bicycle outside as much as possible.  Getting those winter base layers correct is going to be crucial.  I’ve also been lifting in the gym for the past month.  I’m making some good progress with my lifting and bringing back some of that muscle memory that I’ve lost from all the cycling I did last year.  Don’t forget to get your resistance training in also.  The winter is a good time to put on some lean muscle mass and lean muscle mass helps to burn calories even when you are watching TV.

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