2015 Stoudts Brewery/JB Mountain Bike Team Wrap Up

Team Cycling Cap.

Hello everyone,

There will be a team meeting on January 16th, 6pm at Canal Street Pub for current and new members and anyone who is interested in joining.  In 2015 we had an exciting year hanging out and trying our hand at racing Road, Mountain, and Cross bikes.  Any time on the bike is better than no time on the bike.  As we look to the new year with hopes of good times and maybe a podium or two, it is good to look back at all of those things accomplished by the members of our team.  

Dan CAT 5 Win
Dan Ciabattoni taking first place in the CAT 5 State Championship.  He has some serious sprinting power to the line.

After a rough winter in 2015 we came out guns a blazin!  Dan Ciabattoni took first at the CAT 5 State Criterium Championship held at the Smoketown Airport.  I do love racing that crit because you are literally racing on airfield runway and it’s probably one of the safest crits you will ever race.


Road Race
Left to Right: Eric Ciabattoni, Dan Ciabattoni, Nathan Werner, Myself, Bernie Resch.  Post road race celebration at Mount Joy with a lunch stop afterwards.

We tried our hand at a few road races with decent results.  We had no podiums on our road races but we did have some top 20’s in some very competitive fields.  One of the great things about our road races is that we try to enjoy a beer afterwards followed by lunch.  This is just a hobby that we enjoy and it’s important to remember that the people you are there with are a big part of why you do these things.  Otherwise, we are just driving out to a race and leaving right afterwards.  That doesn’t sound like much fun.

Mark Burke
Mark Burke taking 2nd Place in the CAT 2 40-49 MASS.

Our mountain bike team was also kicking some serious butt out there with the likes of Mark Burke and Danny Mignogna.  Overall results for the Mid-Atlantic Super Series was Mark Burke 2nd place Cat 2 40-49, Danny Mignogna 2nd Place Cat 2 30-39, Alex Pankiw 1st place Cat 2 19-29, and Emily White 2nd Place Cat 2 U19.   Those are some great results for the Mountain Bike participants on the team.

Danny Mignogna showing off the big guns as he captures 2nd place in the CAT 2 30-39 MASS category.

One of the great things about the Stoudts Brewery/JB Mountain Bike team is that we all converge come cyclocross season.  This year we had many a hands in the air like we just don’t care!  Eric Ciabattoni, Dan Ciabattoni, and Nathan Werner all placed well in most of the races.  Eric took the top spot in the PACX series in the CAT 4/5 division with Nathan Werner capturing 2nd and Dan Ciabattoni not far behind.  Nathan Werner went from a CAT 5 Cross racer to a CAT 3 Cross racer in just one season.  Great Job Nate!

Nate on the number one spot with Eric right behind at number 3.  This was the podium at our very own cross race on the grounds of Stoudts Brewery.
Eric and Dan taking 2nd and 3rd at Sly Fox Cross.  That’s Rory up top taking home the podium for his team Sly Fox.  I loving seeing teams win the races they put on.

Not only do we have active racers in all sports, but we put on our own race on the Stoudts Brewery grounds.  That is something special.  There are many teams out there who are riding and racing, but how many actually put on their very own race?  I feel like we are team that contributes to the cycling activities within our community.  We are just a bunch of guys and gals who like to hang out and ride and race bikes, but we do take the sport serious enough to put on our very own race and give something back.  The people who put on races do it more for the love of the sport than the slim profit margins.  I’m glad that we have that team spirit and camaraderie to pull off this race year after year.  We are hoping to improve on this race next year and look for an even better turnout.

That’s it for 2015 folks!  I had a great year on my bike even though I didn’t see a single podium.  I find it harder and harder to keep competing at a higher level each year.  However, I do love a challenge.  This is the time of year were we think about next years training and racing.  I look forward to seeing all of our new teammates at the Canal Street Pub on January 16th.  If any of you out there reading this are interested in joining our team, then don’t be shy and come on out.  The only thing you need on this team to fit in and be successful is a good attitude.  We don’t take this racing stuff too serious.  Well, until they come up with the cycling equivalent of the beer mile.  I can definitely podium if we are talking about drinking and racing at the same time!

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