2016 Stoudts Brewery/JB Mountain Bikes Team Meeting

Hello Everyone,

We started our 2016 team meeting at a great Restaurant/Brewery (Black Angus/Stoudts Brewery.)

First off, I just like to say that I race for a great team with a great group of guys and gals.  To start off 2016 right, we had a team showing at the PA Cyling Banquet at Bear Creek Resort this Saturday.  The team walked away with a few awards which is always a great way to end the season.  We followed up the PAC Banquet with a team meeting at Stoudts Brewery in the evening.  The Team thanked riders for their hard work put in last year not only racing, but helping put together our Stoudts Cross race.  One of the best things about our team; the team is not a results driven bike team, we are a people driven bike team.  It is more important that we get out and enjoy the multifaceted discipline of the sport together as a team, appreciate and support our sponsors that help us, and be there for each other.   If you are interested in joining a great team, you can stop by JB Mountain bikes to talk team or contact me directly at kidsandcowbells@gmail.com.   

This was my first year attending the PAC Banquet.  It was very invigorating seeing so many people within their bicycling disciplines receiving awards.  A big thanks to the guys and gals at PA Cycling who put this event on.  Their passion for the sport keeps a very vibrant and active community connected to a sport that people do enjoy.  I also noticed a very strong juniors cycling contingent with the PA Cycling community, which is just plain ole inspiring.  It makes me wonder if my three girls will get into one of the cycling disciplines in the future.  (A father’s mind can wander a bit thinking about those things.)

JB (Right) just found out Jimmy (Left) is coming back to not only racing but doing some Triathlons.

The team had a presence at the awards banquet for the PA Cyclocross (PACX) series.  Emily White took home a 2nd place in the PACX U19 Women’s Series.  Eric Ciabattoni took 1st place in the PACX CAT 4/5 series.  Nathan Werner took 2nd place in the PACX CAT 4/5 series (Nathan also upgraded from a CAT 5 to a CAT 3 during this season).  Dan Ciabattoni got his hands on a State Championship jersey for his first place finish at the CAT 5 State Crit Championship.

Awards and accolades were also handed out at our team meeting.  We made sure to recognize everyones hard work this last year.  We also recognized our new team members who joined us that night.  The usual things happened that always happen at team meetings.  Numbers were crunched, sponsors where identified for support, lots of talking, plenty of Stoudts beer was consumed, and the usual camaraderie.

Dave Borden (Right) talks with Barry Murray (Left) about the team and new ideas for this year.

New leadership changes were announced this year.  We thank Dave Borden for all of his hard work these last years as the team captain.  Dave has stepped down into a supporting and administrative role within the team as we welcome Barry Murray as our new team captain.  The team did something new this year and created leadership roles within each cycling discipline.  Mark Burke will step in as the Mountain Bike Lieutenant and keep the team informed and support all things Mountain bike.  I have also been assigned a leadership position within the team.  This will be the first time I have ever been excited to be called a lieutenant.  (Military Chief Warrant Officer Joke)  Yours truly is the new Road Racing and Cyclocross Racing Lieutenant!  Again, I’ve never been so excited to be called a lieutenant.  I also support these changes.  It is always a good idea to move leadership around every so often.  It allows things to stay fresh and new.

We are focused for success this new year.  To define ourselves within a mission statement that helps encapsulate what we would define as success is simple.  Our mission statement is this; To plan, create, and support activities within the multifaceted bicycling disciplines that allows our riders and the other riders within the community to participate and enjoy the world of cycling.  Now, this is not the team’s official mission statement.  I just kind of wrote that on my own.  I enjoy being on this team because we are about having fun, riding bikes, and putting on some races.  There are a lot of teams out there that are also about having fun and riding bikes, but how many of those team also put on races?

That’s a quick wrap for the 2015 season and an introduction to our 2016 season.  We have many plans in place for 2016 and I will reveal those plans as they come closer.  I would like to say that I couldn’t be happier with were I am at today after retiring from the Marine Corps.  I live in a place that has some of the best cycling that the United States has to offer.  This is one of the strongest cycling communities I have seen.  I’m thankful for all of the people I have met these last two years since we moved here and I’m hopeful to meet even more like minded people.  Take care everyone and get ready for the spring classics to start.  Hell of Hunterdon, Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo, Monkey Knife Fight all are coming your way!

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