VBlog: ToS 2016 Stage 1 ISLAGIATT

Hello Everyone,

Today kicks off Stage 1 of the T0S 2016.  I felt strong and worked hard during this 1 hour 54 minute video.  Highlight video is embedded below.

Tomorrow we do the video Revolver back to back.  That video has 16 intervals at 1 minute on heavy resistance and 1 minute of rest.  Two videos equals 32 intervals!  I can barely get through the first 16.  It is going to be a challenge.

If I can raise 100 more dollars by 1200 Sunday US East Coast Time, Feb 7th, I will carbo load with a bunch of chocolate milk before I do the last 16 intervals.  I’ll record the outcome too.  However, I need you to donate here (click here to donate) if you want to see me struggle with a belly full of chocolate milk.  Barf bucket will be on standby.

Right now, I’ve managed to raise only 130 dollars.

Here are the highlights from stage 1.

Remember, we will all suffer.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Aaron served in the military for 20 years. Multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired from the military after 20 years of service to take care of our three small children in 2013 as a Stay At Home Dad.

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