VBlog: ToS 2016 Stage 9 Final, “Power Station + Violator”

Hello everyone,

What a fun and demanding 9 days it has been.  This moment is bittersweet for me.  I can’t deny that this has been my hardest Tour over the last three years.  I struggled with a nice cold and mild fever half way through the tour.  It was fun, challenging, and humorous at times.  The exhaustion is very significant however.

I big thanks to all my family and friends who made a donation.  I managed to raise 210 dollars.  I was hoping for more, but this is more than I raised last year.  Also, a big thanks to David McQuillan for putting these videos together and inspiring us on the tour.  Our indoor training would be so boring without the inspiration that the Sufferfest provides.  A big Bravo Zulu to all the riders that finished the tour or made the attempt.

Here are my totals for the 9 day tour to include the three spin classes I taught during the tour.

Stats: TSS 1060, Indoor miles 261, and 13 hours 46 minutes on the bike.

I can’t wait to test my Functional Threshold Power in 10 to 12 days.  Then it is back to 6 more weeks of sweet spot tempo work under my new threshold.  I am considering finding a spot in my schedule for another ToS around May to try and push up my fitness again.  These big blogs of Suffering really add an extra level to your fitness.

Parting tour video:

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