Riding the SRT, Potty Training, School Photo Scams

Hello Everyone,

Wyomissing Park for an early morning 80 mile ride.

I haven’t been writing lately due to an usual uptick in what we call “life.”  Potty training is in full force with the toddler and going quite well actually.  I had an interview for a part time work-at-home position which I am head over heels excited about.  I needed to get some mileage in on the bike because two big rides, Monkey Knife Fight and The Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo, are coming up in a few weeks.  The kids cleaned up during Easter and I helped my brother-in-law buy a car.  That’s the life of the family man, some weeks you seem like an unstoppable force and other weeks you are bogged down for some reason.  Here are some quick highlights this week of riding the new additions to the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT),  The Potty Training Haiku, and why I hate the school photographers.


We are very lucky in PA to have such an extensive rails to trails system.  Basically, they take all of the old railroad tracks that are not being used anymore and turn them into riding paths.  You can literally ride for hundreds of miles and only be on trafficked roads for 15 percent of the ride.  It is unbelievable how extensive the bicycle trail network is here in Eastern Pennsylvania.  There were some new additions to the SRT over the past few years.  You no longer have to dodge traffic in Pheonixville because the trail goes straight through it now.  Also, the canal just after the Bridge on Bridge Street has all been widened from single track to a wide gravel path.  Fantastic additions.  Pictures below.

The SRT from Reading is 85 percent trail and only 15 percent roads.  
The Fork and Ale will be opening just off the trail in May of this year.  This is a much anticipated opening for all trail travelers.  
The park in Pottstown has some great bike racks to stop and view the river.  Sly Fox brewery isn’t far away if you wanted to get some food and drink.  
Getting off the trail at Pottstown puts you on a hard ball road for about 5 miles.  You need to stay off the 724 by taking the back roads just to the south.  There is a great view of the PowerStation back there.  Pedal fast!
I rode 41 miles one way just to get some Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken and a 22oz beer.  My legs felt really snappy on the ride home.  Beer doping is a real thing!  I even pulled a KOM on the way back.  

Potty training is always a long and tough training process for kids.  All kids are different and can potty train at different times.  My oldest was potty trained just after two years old, but she had many, many accidents.  We had to always bring extra clothes wherever we went.  My middle kid was a late bloomer and didn’t figure the potty training out until just after 3 years old.   When she did figure it out, she rarely had an accident.  Now that my youngest will be 3 years old in a few months, we are tackling potty training one more time.  I am very ready for this to be over with.  We’ve been changing diapers in this house for almost 6 years, and I’m really tired of it.  I think a bottle of Champagne is in order when we have used our last diaper.  Here is my ode to potty training in Haiku form.

Potty training haiku.

Turd steam rises up
On carpet below toddler,
My soul seeps downward

As you can tell, we weren’t dressed, hair wasn’t done, and didn’t want to participate.  Since, you made my kid cry however, I scanned your pictures and printed them out on my own printer for cheap.

The last thing I wanted to vent about for just a minute is the idea that we do school pictures twice a year.  What the hell!?  We already did school pictures at the beginning of the year.  Spring pictures came around and the wife and I opted out of buying more pictures.  These pictures are not cheap folks.  I don’t need spring pictures either, that’s what the Easter Bunny pictures are for.  What do these rat bastard photographers do anyways… They still take my kids picture and send the 50 dollar package back home in her backpack.  We have 7 days to return the pictures, or we owe them 50 dollars.  Here is where I get really pissed off about this tactic.  My daughter broke down crying when I told her the pictures had to go back to school.  She didn’t understand why I didn’t want her pictures.  WTF picture people!  Are you doing this on purpose?  That is some dastardly, underhanded pressure sales when you are using my kid against me to buy your pictures.  So you know what I did photo bastards… I scanned your pictures you sent back home with my kid.  I then printed out my own pictures for just a few dollars and then showed them to my kid.  See baby, we have your pictures right here, but we need to send these back.  Keep it up photo people and I will never buy a picture from you again.  I’ll just let my kid take a picture, you send it to me, I scan the ones I want and send it all back to you without paying you a dime.  Listen, I don’t mind paying for pictures once a year, but don’t use my kid against me to force another picture sale.  It makes me want to scam you out of a sale.

That’s it folks.  A quick write up in 30 minutes.  I have to get the 2 year old back on the potty.  Take care and hopefully I’ll have some good news I can write about in the future.

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