Beginnings and Endings

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imagesEverything in life, and things that we involve ourselves in, all have beginnings and endings.  You are born and then we leave this place we call home.  We begin jobs and sometimes we end jobs or change jobs.  Every bicycle race has a beginning and ending.  Every story has pre-face and conclusion.  I retired from the military after 20 years of service.  That was a bitter-sweet ending.  I could have stayed on longer, and would have loved to stay on longer if I could have had a different job.  Something a little more exciting I guess.  However, the kind of job I had, once you get locked in, that’s your job until you decide to leave.  I really do miss the people.  I loved that 20 year adventure.  I began my journey in the military in 1993 and ended it 2013.  I began my journey as a Stay at Home Dad which started right after I retired.  I will always be a Dad.  Those kind of beginning don’t ever end; at least not for a long, long time.   This brings me to my new job and my blog.

I feel very lucky sometimes.  I was offered an opportunity to work for a company that I am a HUUUUGE fan of.  To give you an idea of how I feel about this new job is simple.  I can explain this in many ways.  Imagine you are a fan of the LA Lakers.  You love the sport of basketball, you could talk about it for hours, you could write about it endlessly.  Now imagine you got a job for the LA Lakers doing just that!  You are going to get paid to do what you already do all the time for free!  Or, imagine a Hockey team, Baseball team, whatever you are passionate about.  That’s how I felt.  In my interview, I was legitimately nervous, and I don’t get nervous about things.  I got a job for “The Sufferfest!”

sufferfest_logoSo, this leaves me to think about my blog.  I will keep my blog going.  However, I am a very passionate person.  I love to be passionate about my writing, cycling, being a Dad, and being good at my new job.  The extra time I had, I used that to write about this crazy Stay at Home Dad adventure and cycling.  I hoped, one day, I might get lucky enough to write about cycling for a magazine or have some kind of job that centered around my passion for cycling.  I was also using my blog as a way to document my adventures as a Stay at Home Dad.  There is so much to write about being a parent who stays at home with his or her kids.  The book titles are endless.  This new job I have at the Sufferfest allows me to work from home and still have an extremely active role with my kids.  I can wake up, get the kids breakfast, get them to school, and then come home and work for The Sufferfest.  I can pick up the kids from school, make dinner for my family, and still get some work done in the evening.  It is absolutely the perfect job for me.

The Sufferfest App is a really great idea that is going to get better, and better.

The only problem that I am going to have is that I love talking about indoor training on the bicycle.  I love the new technology that has been coming out over these last five years.  I love the access to coaching software, metrics, Apps, and training plans.  I find myself talking to people for hours about indoor training options and what they can do.  My main job is helping people get set up with their indoor training equipment so they can “Suffer” the right way.  I have been in this job for two weeks, and I notice that I go a bit long in my conversations.  It’s almost like I can’t help myself.  Someone has an issue, I want to fix it for them, and I start going back and forth with them about how awesome their setup is and “what my favorite video is” or “what is the next video they should do and why.”  That’s going to be hard to do in the winter when I have a 100 people wanting help.  I will need to work on my brevity and efficiency a bit.

The blog is here to stay for now.  It will go a bit quiet over the summer.  I want to take all of my passion and energy and invest it into my new job.  The kids will all be in pre-school and grade school this next fall.  That will free up a lot of my time.  Cyclocross will be coming into season (God I miss cyclocross!).  I can’t wait to write about cyclocross again.  I can’t wait to write some blogs for the Sufferfest.  I am super excited about where this company is going.  For now, I need every extra minute to focus on getting proficient at my new job.

I will throw in a few blogs here and there over the summer.  I have 12 articles written up in rough draft.  I’m just not happy about how they flow.  Flow is very important to me and some of those articles are chaotic, much like the chaos of running a house with three small children.  Enjoy your summer everyone, or winter if your in the Southern Hemisphere.  I have to think Globally now!  I love that.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Aaron served in the military for 20 years. Multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired from the military after 20 years of service to take care of our three small children in 2013 as a Stay At Home Dad.

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