Spin Class Endurance March 2016

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been away a while doing work and all that.  I have still been teaching some great spin classes at my local studio.  As you may know, we do a rotating schedule like most gyms of Intervals, Strength, and Endurance sessions.  It is always hard, and takes a bit of creativity to really keep a class motivated during and endurance session.  You have to rely more on song selection, variety, and personality.  Below is my workout and playlist.  There are a few mistakes on my workout guide, so use it with caution.  

This workout, like all of my workouts is broken into three manageable chunks.  The first stage is where you warm your students up, get them familiar with the resistance settings, and set the stage for the rest of the workout.

Stage one:  Warm up with some easy pedaling then we do lots of stands.  I find it important that my students understand what 6, 7, and 8 out of 10 is.  Besides the first song, this is our range for the entire workout.

Stage two:  Simply moving your students from sitting to standing will keep their heart rates at the top and bottom of zone 2.  Newer students will find the stands to be more difficult and will move into a higher zone.  There is no way around this.  However, we can’t sacrifice the workout for those who need a little more practice.  🙂

Stage three:  I always like to end the endurance workout with some intervals.  It is very deflating to end your spin workout with some simple song.  I am not talking about a cool down either.  I already have my cool down songs built in, I just think they are that important.  The last two songs are a quicker pace in the standing position.  We are up and running on our bikes.  Really pushes the students and gives them a feeling of accomplishment at the end.

This is our March 2016 Endurance class with some hard work at the end


Painkillers, Brian Fallon(3:07): Easy Spin, Warm Up Song

Guided, Glint(2:58): Use this song to figure out your 6/10, 7/10, and 8/10 resistance levels on the spin bike.

Surrender, Cash Cash(3:28): This is a seated hill climb up to the standing position.  One more opportunity to get used to the resistance levels.

Disarm You, Kaskade(3:41): Here we go, there is lots of standing and sitting.  I remind my students that the 8/10 stand should be enough to get your breathing up, but they should not be dying right now.

Kiss This, The Struts(2:58):  We use this song to do some high speed cadence drills.  Last chance to fire up the cardio vascular system.  Take a look around and make sure nobody is bouncing in their seats.  If they are, their 6/10 needs to go up just a little higher.

Feel Good, Syn Cole(3:02): My graphic is wrong here, this is two 30 second stands at an easy pace.  Tell the beginners to only go to 7/10 for standing if they are struggling.  Now is the time to differentiate your instruction to the Advanced and Beginner student.

Rivers, Thomas Jack(3:28): Time to spice things up a bit and do fast legs legs in between the stands.  Cue your students to slow down 5 seconds before the stand.

Ten Feet Tall, Afrojack(3:49): Progressives stands.

As Long As I’m Alive, Brass Knuckles(4:30): Seated hill climb to standing.

Conqueror, Aurora(3:28): More high speed cadence work on the uptempo.

Now that I’ve Found You, Martin Garrix(3:13): You can use this as a rest song, or keep your more advanced students engaged.  Walk around and do some fist bumps and start getting people ready for hard work.

Don’t Shut ‘Em Down, Flogging Molly(3:40):  We are on our 8/10 when standing and you want a fast tempo.  Encourage your students to go as fast as they feel comfortable. Lots of leg speed when they are up.  This is where we increase the load and start going anaerobic.

Drunken Lullabies, Flogging Molly(3:51):  We are doing seated to standing intervals here.  Really push your students to take a risk and go all out.  PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!

Finishing with Flogging Molly is also a great idea anytime you want to do a Saint Patrick’s day spin class.  Lots of up tempo beats to really get the most out of your students.

That’s it for now folks.  Have a great weekend and I will keep putting my workouts up on the blog.  I have lots more coming and even a few that were inspired by The Sufferfest!

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