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Last month, I did an article called the “2016 Training App Review.”  In that article I covered The Sufferfest, Zwift, and TrainerRoad.  Well, I wanted to provide an update on the Sufferfest App, which we are now going to call “The Sufferfest Training Centre“.  The reason they are Training Centre now is the advanced training they are now

You haven’t felt pain until you do some much needed stretching.

providing in their App.  This is something new and exciting for indoor cyclists, because we now have access to things other than cycling workouts.  I’ve preached the benefits of weight training and stretching for many years.  Now we are starting to see a company, through an application, also embrace this same thought process.  We are starting to see a company emerge that is focusing on the entire athlete and not just the single discipline.    

They built 10 of these special training plans for their subscribers.

The Sufferfest has been moving rapidly in terms of developing their App.  They first launched their iOS generation 3 App in January of 2016.  This allowed them to provide a similar service as TrainerRoad and Zwift.  Users can pair their indoor equipment to the App and use a virtual power curve for all of the many non-smart trainers similar to TrainerRoad.  Within the last 10 to 11 months, The Sufferfest has built two more additions to that App.  They now support OS X on the Mac and Windows PC’s.  That is three platforms where you can connect into the Sufferfest Training Centre; iPad/iPhone, Mac/iMac, and Windows PC’s.  Never before has a company moved so aggressively over a short period of time.  Leave it to the Sufferfest to “Attack” and keep attacking when everyone else is riding “Tempo”.

The last 30 days has been extremely busy for David McQuillen and his band of Minions.  The Sufferfest has teamed up with Apex Coaching (and if you are a Sufferlandrian, you know who runs that coaching service).  Apex Coaching is ran by  Sir Neal Henderson, the madman who has helped David McQuillen build so many brutal indoor workout videos.  With Apex Coaching and the Sufferfest team, they have created 10 new training plans that come with the App subscription.  That’s 10 plans that have structured Suffering for Road, Mountain Bike, Triathlon, and Cyclocross.  If that wasn’t enough, those training plans are built like no other cycling training plans on the Market; they include Yoga and breathing exercises.

You thought you felt some pain doing intervals?  How about stretching out those hamstrings, engaging that core, or opening up those hips.

That’s right, The Sufferfest Training Centre is the very first App to include Yoga and breathing exercises as part of a cyclist’s training.  They have partnered with Abi Carver from Yoga 15 to bring in a special brand of Yoga that specifically targets the needs of endurance athletes.  I for one, need some Yoga in my life and Abi Carver focuses on this specifically.  All of the exercise and training I do, is starting to leave me a bit stiff at the young age of 43.  If I don’t get ahead of this, I will be as flexible as a number 2 pencil soon.  Abi Carver’s brand is unique.  Her mission statement is below:



The new training plans include a special brand of breathing, stretching, and core work that is a unique addition for all endurance athletes out there.  The Sufferfest didn’t just focus on hard bike workouts and recovery, they are providing a complete training package (a Training Centre if you will).  These are things you would normally buy other places, have a coach integrate them for you, and then work it around your schedule.  Now, the customer has it all in one place.  The training plans were put together by the Sufferfest’s own cycling badass Jared McClintock along with world class track cyclist Mac Cassin from Apex coaching.  You can see a little preview below just by looking at The week one Advanced Road Plan. I’ve never seen a cycling training plan as near complete as this one.

That my friends is just a small portion of this training plan.  Look at the page number to the bottom right.  Yes, the training plan starts on page 28.

So, how much does it cost?  Here is where things get ridiculous.  You have access to all this content for $10 dollars a month or $99 dollars a year.  That is a bargain.  Rumor has it, that David McQuillen has more special content in store at the end of the December to further support the training and planning needs off endurance athletes.  This is a very exciting time for Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners everywhere.  The Sufferfest is providing one hell of Training Centre right now that is going to be hard to beat.  When every other indoor training application is just riding Tempo, the Sufferfest just keeps Attacking!

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Aaron served in the military for 20 years. Multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired from the military after 20 years of service to take care of our three small children in 2013 as a Stay At Home Dad.

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