Tour of Sufferlandria 2017, Route Announcement

ToS2017posterThe Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 (short name ToS 2017) has once again arrived.  In the New Year tradition of the Sufferfest since the Tour of Sufferlandria  first began back 2013, the Sufferfest challenges riders to take on a 9 day challenge of suffering.  The riders are required to follow the tour route (videos you ride to) within a set time limit.  The participants can print out there own race numbers, brag about their exploits on the official ToS Facebook Page, and raise some money for the Davis Phinney Foundation. All of this is in good fun of course and for a good cause.

This year it will be a bit different.  Long time Sufferlandrians have been able to ride/watch their purchased videos on a computer, television, or on another fitness applications like Trainer Road.  This will be the first time that The Sufferfest has executed the Tour of Sufferlandria solely on their own training app, The Sufferfest Training Centre.  

Here is some quick background information.  David McQuillen created Sufferfest videos in his spare time just to kill the boredom of training indoors over the winter.  He took race footage and overlaid it against a story line with music.  He began to share these videos with his friends, and before he knew it, he was running a business called “The Sufferfest”. The Rider (You) play a part in the video.  You are a Sufferlandrian and your job is to suffer more than any other rider in the video.  The story lines are engaging, comedic, motivational, and keep you entertained while you are chewing on your handlebars.

The Bleeding Eyes logo from the Sufferfest.

Screenshot 2017-01-03 20.38.38The Sufferfest Training Plans, their workout targets, and decisions on LTHR and FTP calculations are all reviewed and approved by Apex Coaching and founder, Neal Henderson. The Sufferfest partners with Neal and Mac Cassin (Special Sufferfest Coach) at APEX Coaching because they provide the same expertise that has helped athletes gain World and Olympic titles as well as Tour de France Stage wins and Yellow Jerseys.  All Sufferlandrians know “Sir” Neal Henderson, and loath him in the most Sufferlandrian way possible by throwing stuff at their screen or yelling his name in agony.

What makes this year’s tour so different than other years?  This years tour will be conducted on the Sufferfest Training Centre (App) only.  This is a big deviation for the Sufferfest, but they mean business.  In just 12 months, they have created 3 separate Apps that support iOS, Mac, and Windows.  That’s the most aggressive App build in the industry and they show no signs of slowing down.   Joining the tour only costs $10 dollars a month or $99 dollars annually if you become a full time Sufferlandrian.  That subscription not only gives you access to 30 Plus cycling videos, but 3 running videos, 1 triathlon video, 20 Yoga videos, and 10 different training plans.  The unique part is the “Yoga” videos.  The Sufferfest Yoga videos are integrated with their training plans.  This is something that has never been done before within an online training program.

Screenshot 2017-01-03 20.40.26.png
You can run this App on Windows, iOS, and Mac.
Screenshot 2017-01-03 20.49.43
I so wanted to win this!

Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 starts on February 4th and ends on the 12th of February.  Riders are asked to complete one stage each day.  Riders are also asked to donate or raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation.  Every 10 dollar donation, gives the rider a chance at winning some pretty sweet swag.  The prizes for the tour have not been announced at this time.  However, in pasts tours the prizes are pretty damn awesome.  One person last year one an indoor Stages SC3 bike.  I am still jealous of that person.

The ToS 2017 Route

Posted above and in this link Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 is the official route announcement.  All Sufferlandrians will notice a few things; stage 8 and 9 are going to be brutal!

Screenshot 2017-01-03 22.09.01.png
Stage 8 and 9 are going to be Epic Suffering!

If you add up all of the stages, a rider would accumulate 990 TSS in 9 days.  That is going to be the toughest Tour to date!  I’m going to ride it as I have done for the past 4 years.  I’ve been a loyal Sufferlandrian for a long time.  I encourage you to join the ToS 2017 Facebook page.  I will warn you, the Facebook page will take over your news feed for about 2 weeks with some crazy bastards posting great stuff.  How about you bust the dust off that cardio vascular system and fire up winter training.  I hope to see you at the Tour of Sufferlandria 2017 soon.





Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

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