This page is dedicated to finding deals on indoor cycling equipment and providing links to purchase gear you may need for indoor cycling.  The links I provide are affiliate links, so I will get a small percentage of the sale when you use my links.  I will also provide links for great deals whether I am an affiliate or not, because a great deal is a great deal!

Deals: Updated 8 Dec, 2016

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I’ve found some good deals on trainers in Europe by shopping at this link .  However, if it breaks, you will have to pay shipping to send it back.

Here some of the basics you need for indoor cycling: 

screenshot-2016-11-24-08-23-37– ANT+ Key from Wahoo.  This is the only ANT+ dongle that will work with iOS.  The Garmin 30 pin dongle will not work.  This will work with the older iPads and the iPhone 4.  If you have a newer Apple Device, then you will need the lightning to 30 pin adapter.

screenshot-2016-11-24-08-29-21Apple Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter (MD823AM/A) to connect your Wahoo 30 pin ANT+ dongle to your newer iOS device.


screenshot-2016-11-24-08-32-53Garmin Mini USB ANT+ Stick  This will work for any Windows or Apple device.  You can connect your ANT+ sensors with this dongle.  Remember, you need one dongle per fitness App.  So, if you plan on running Zwift + The Sufferfest Training Centre, then you would need two ANT+ dongles.  Also, all Garmin Sensors only transmit via ANT+.


screenshot-2016-11-24-08-36-08Suunto ANT+ USB Mini  This one works just as well as the Garmin Mini USB.  I would shop around to see who has the better price.  It doesn’t matter which one you get.


screenshot-2016-11-24-08-39-46Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor This is one of the most reliable options out there for speed and cadence.  However, you have to buy the ANT+ dongle to talk to the Garmin Sensors.  When you add up the costs, sometimes it makes sense to go with the Wahoo Speed and cadence sensor below.


screenshot-2016-11-24-08-43-33Wahoo Hub Speed Sensor This sensor attaches to your hub and transmits speed data over ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0.  It’s a pretty good option when we look at the combined costs of running the USB connector and the Garmin Speed/Cadence package.  You need this for virtual power calculations at a minimum.

screenshot-2016-11-24-08-45-06-Wahoo Cadence Sensor Here is the optional cadence sensor if you need it.  However, if you are using a wheel on trainer, you may just want to buy the Wahoo cadence/speed sensor combo which is 10 dollars cheaper.  They both work just as well.  It is more of an aesthetic choice when making your choice.


screenshot-2016-12-14-10-47-41Wahoo Speed/Cadence Combo  If you are going to buy the Speed sensor and don’t have a cadence sensor, it is best to bundle them together.  This will save you $10 on your purchase.


screenshot-2016-12-14-10-49-01Wahoo TICKR  This is a great HR sensor since it transmits via ANT+ and Bluetooth.   It does all the basic things you need done for running and cycling.


screenshot-2016-12-14-10-52-38Wahoo TICKRX  You want to bike and run. Then this is the sensor of choice.  It tracks both cycling metrics and running metrics.  The cycling cadence function of the TICKR X will only work with the Wahoo Fitness App and The Sufferfest Training center.

screenshot-2016-11-24-08-49-34-Wahoo Blue Speed/Cadence combo sensor  This sensor records both speed and cadence together.  It will work with virtual power on any training app.  This is the less aesthetically appealing choice since you need to connect it to the frame of your bicycle.  However, it is cheaper than buying the speed and cadence sensors separately.

screenshot-2016-11-25-11-28-36AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Extension Cable 9.8 Feet (3 Meters) Get that ANT+ USB Dongle away from your computer.  Most interference occurs with smart trainers and training Apps not because of distance, but signal interference at the computing device.  This will improve your signal for FE-C power calls, cadence, and heart rate.

Reviewed and Approved: 

Mid-Range Trainers $550+

-Purchase Wahoo KICKR Snap: 4.7 out of 5 cowbells!  KICKR Snap Review

-Purchase CycleOps Magnus  : 4.1 out of 5 cowbells. Magnus Review

Low-Range Smart Trainers $399 to $500

-Purchase Tacx Vortex Smart  : 3.5 out of 5 cowbells. Vortex Smart Review

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