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The Past and Me

 I served in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years with 3 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I retired from the military after 20 years of service to take care of our three small children in 2013 as a Stay At Home Dad.  This crazy decision led to the blog creation of kidsandcowbells.com (since retired) as an outlet.  That original site has now transformed into athletictechreview.com.  I believe there are many people out there who could do a much better job writing reviews about athletic technology than the big name magazines or websites.  The big name magazines do not provide enough detail to educate buyers.  I have created this site to not only review technology myself, but give other people a chance to write about their experiences.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  I will gladly post a guest blog from any serious writer.

The Mission Statement of Athletic Tech Review:

To provide real world experiences and deep dive analysis of current and future technology that is used for athletes of all ages in order to educate the consumer when it comes to purchasing decisions.”

Lifetime Athlete

I have always been an athlete and loved all the new technology that came out over the years.  I was a 5k and 10k runner mostly until I took up Triathlon in 2000.  I found I loved riding the bike more than anything else.  It was a reconnection to my childhood and that sense of freedom and adventure.  I had a major achilles tendon accident in 2006 that led to full blown achilles tendon surgery in 2008.  That has slowed my running down a bit.  I’m not afraid of the weight room either.  I’ve lifted weights since I was 15 years old and can brag that I have some decent lifts in the weight room.  My philosophy on sports, is to be a well rounded athlete.  I don’t believe in dedicating yourself to one sport unless you are trying to hit the podium at the National Level or you are a Professional Athlete.  Amateur athletes should be well rounded, especially as we age.

Current Pursuits in Happiness

If you know me, you know why.

I currently works as a freelance contractor for The Sufferfest.  I head up the customer service department, manage the help center content, and interface with the App developers to record and rectify App and equipment issues.  I’m a help article guru, indoor bike expert, ZenDesk Master ticket smasher, and I love helping people.  I also enjoy the opportunity to see all that happens inside a company that develops a world class training app.  Even though I work as a freelance contractor for The Sufferfest, they pay for none of my equipment and do not influence my reviews.  I was a Sufferlandrian before I ever starting using TrainerRoad or Zwift.

My passion is writing and making videos.  I am dedicated and self driven.  Most of my articles are written late in the evening or on the weekends with testers that help out.  I plan on taking Athletic Tech Review full time some point down the road.  I just need more support from my readers which means I need to up my game.   Below is what I use to make all of this happen.  I’m still learning every day and I enjoy the challenges that running my own website and managing a youtube channel provide.  I’m hoping to make things much more interesting in 2018.

Equipment Used

I use a Canon 70D DSLR camera for most of my shooting.  I’ll pull out the iPhone for stuff on the fly also.  The Canon 70D is a fantastic starter camera for anyone that wants to shoot great high res video and take excellent pictures.  I also use a Rode Mic that attaches to the top of the camera and various camera tripods.  (Support the site and Purchase the Canon 70d or the Rode Microphone.)

For lenses, I don’t use anything too fancy.  I have your standard Canon EF Lens 50mm – F/1.8 for video and shooting. I also use the Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Lens for wider angle shots.  The 50mm gets a bit tight when you want to get more in the picture.  (Support the site and purchase the Canon 18-55mm lens or the Canon 50mm lens)

I do all post production using FCPX and a Compressor App to render videos at the resolution I need.  FCPX is a great tool and isn’t that hard to use.  There are more plug ins to integrate within FCPX than you have money to spend.  If you look at my earlier videos, you can see how rapidly I have improved in utilizing FCPX at this time.  I can’t wait to do more in 2018 as I start some weekly or possibly daily VLogs.

All of the Music I use is licensed through different sites.  There are a lot of different sites you can use and some stuff on Amazon Royalty Free that are pretty cheap.  Finding the music you can use is the hard part.

Questions, Comments, Inquiries?

I am open for reviews on any athletic tech a company has.  It all depends on my time, since I have three little kids and a contract job that gets pretty busy over the winter.  If you would like to ship me anything, you can email me (aaron@athletictechreview.com) and we can discuss it.  I am not taking payment for any reviews.  I prefer to be independent at this time.

Lastly, please don’t ask me to write an article and do a video if you are not serious about it.  I had one well known online cycling company approach me about doing an article and video series on “how to get started with indoor trainers.”  That company never contacted me back after I invested a significant amount of time and money into the project.  That is time and money I really don’t have to waste on projects that are going nowhere.  Those hours could have been spent doing something else or playing with my kids.

You Must Be Rolling In The Money!

No, unfortunately not!  Taking on this endeavor has been a risk I am willing to take.  I’ll try to keep this information updated for those of you who are curious.  I purchase everything myself.  If I do get a product for free, I will either ship it back to the company who gave it to me or I’ll give it away to my readers.  Here are the stats below:

Current Costs for 2017: Roughly $10,000 invested in tech equipment, Start Up Costs, and website/overhead. 

Current Income from reviews for 2017: Roughly $1,467 through affiliate links (August 15, 2017). 

Current Sponsors: NONE

As you can see, I’m still pretty far in the hole and I’m working for free.  However, I’m passionate about this and want to keep doing it.  If I do start “Rolling In The Money” some day, I’ll use those funds to hire on more writers that are just as passionate as me and I’ll probably give 10 percent to some sort of charity to help out others.

Well, that is me.  Feel free to send me an email if you ever have any questions or problems.  I’m always here to help.  That is what this website is all about, helping us understand this complex environment of Athletic Technology.

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